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Harvest Hastings is all about celebrating the wonderful area we live. The project began in 2008 and is supported by the farm community and community leaders. In 2014 we partnered with the Bancroft and Area Forest Industry Association and Bancroft and Area Stewardship Council on the Local Wood Initiative to promote sustainable living, through the careful use of  natural resources, reducing green house gas emissions and cutting energy use. Members of Harvest Hastings support the following Vision and Mission.


 A vibrant agricultural community, sustainable agriculture and forestry based on ecological principles, healthy ecosystems, and long–term food security for the people of Hastings County.


Harvest Hastings promotes sustainable agriculture and forestry, our creative rural communities, and local food, wood, and other products produced from the land in Hastings County (from North Hastings and Bancroft to the City of Belleville and the City of Quinte West), through celebration, education, marketing, networking initiatives, and programs that build understanding and support from consumers.


 Harvest Hastings is a marketing and branding initiative whose principal objective is to promote local food and resource production, and educate the general public (including children) on the availability and merits of consuming local food and other agricultural commodities produced in Hastings County.

Harvest Hastings seeks to develop a vibrant, local food economy, including innovative products, services and experiences for residents and tourist consumers in Hastings and surrounding counties.

Harvest Hastings fosters the creation of infrastructure and distribution networks throughout the supply chain. It recognizes a strong regional food system, which supports sustainable production and broad access to healthy food for its population, is a significant determinant of healthy communities.

Members of Harvest Hastings represent individuals and businesses from all parts of the supply chain and may include representatives from local municipal offices and agriculture and/or economic development offices.

The Harvest Hastings website has a growing number of  producers listed on Local Food/Local Products and Sustainability shows ways of living lightly on the land. It is divided into four related sections Caring for LandClimate ChangeGreen CommunitiesLocal Forestry and Local Agriculture. There are news stories, web links, and  audio, video and photos.

The County of Hastings County runs over 100 miles from the Bay of Quinte to North Algonquin Park. It includes Hastings County, the City of Belleville, the City of Quinte West and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

                                                                  Our Partners

Harvest Hastings is a partnership between farmers in Hastings County, the Hastings Stewardship Council,  the County of Hastingsthe Municipality of Centre Hastings, the City of Quinte West, and the City of Belleville. The Province of Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Government of Canada has also supported Harvest Hastings. Harvest Hastings is partnering with the Bancroft Area Forest Industry Association on the Local Wood Initiative.

Annual reports: You can download the Harvest Hastings Annual Reports 2013,  2012,  2011, 2010, and  2009.

                                                              Board of Directors

Oliver Haan (chair) - pork, beef, rabbit, poultry and vegetable producer, Tyendinaga

Kevin Durkin (vice chair) - beef farmer, Ontario Woodlot Association, Tyendinaga

Dale Ketcheson  - cash crop, seed merchant, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Centre Hastings

Kathyrn Aunger - biodynamic beef and vegetable producer, Tweed 

Frank Forestell - Hastings Stewardship Council, retired soil and crop expert, Belleville

Andrew Redden - County of Hastings, Economic Development Manager

Renate Haan - pork, beef, rabbits, poultry and vegetables selling direct to the customer

Henny Bergveld -City of Quinte West Agricultural Committee, Quinte West

Jennifer Nash (past chair) - nursery and garden centre, Prosperity Acres, Tyendinaga

Larry MacTaggart, Bancroft and Area Forest Industries Association, Bancroft

Ellie Finlayson - garlic producer, Madoc Township 

Fay Linn (treasurer) - organic farmer, Stirling- Rawdon 

Dennis McCarrell - organic beef and grain producer, Stirling- Rawdon

Willow Tavaglione - producer of sprouted vegetables, Belleville

Karen Fischer - advisor, OMAFRA

MEETINGS: The Harvest Hastings board meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Moira Community Hall, 29 Carson Road, Moira. Please check by calling (613) 395-4388

MEMBERS:Members of Harvest Hastings can vote at the annual general meeting, stand for election to the board, and  are invited to take part in events. The 2015 membership fee is $25 basic or $50 enhanced. Please contact the co-ordinator if you would like to have a profile on the website or for  more information.

CO-ORDINATOR: Louise Livingstone,  (613) 395-4388, louise [at] tubb [dot] ca (i)nfo [at] harvesthastings [dot] ca, 251 Goods Road, RR#2, Stirling, Ontario K0K3 E0 or Matt Caruana, Hastings Stewardship Council co-ordinator (613) 478-6875, info [at] hastingsstewardship [dot] ca



                        BAFIA Centre Hastings                                                           

2012 HHAnnual Report .pdf2.24 MB
HH annual report 2013 .pdf68.02 KB
HH Annual Report 2015 Final.pdf184.07 KB
HH annual report 2014 .pdf4.62 MB
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