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Flour, Red Fife Wheat

Producer: CIPM Farms

The Red Fife hard spring wheat is a heritage variety. The stone-ground flour is milled from certified-organic whole grain wheat grown on CIPM Farm. The flour contains all of the bran, wheat germ, and endospern of the wheat kernels. It contains 13.4 per cent protein, and has a falling # of 340 seconds, which is important for bread makers. The flour is sold in attractive, cotton bags.

Red Fife is a heritage variety of wheat introduced to Otonobee Township, east of Peterborough, in the 1840s by David Alexander Fife, who came from Scotland. This sturdy early maturing wheat, prized for its ability to resist rust and the superior quality of the flour, is credited with producing the boom in wheat production, which occurred across Canada and the U.S. during the nineteenth century.

Point of Sale: 
CIPM Farms
Point of Sale: 
Grills Orchards
Seasonal Availability: 
04 Feb - 04 May
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