Local Wood Initiative

People, Forests and Homes. And how they fit together.

The Local Wood Initiative was all about People, Forests and Homes, and how they fit together. This  program examined our consumption of resources and promotes ways to save energy, money and the earth by cutting our green house gas emissions. The project was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The Local Wood Initiative was a multi-dimensional project that pooled many resources in the county. The goal was to create a healthier local economy and a healthier environment. All residents of Hastings County benefited: from students of all ages to landowners and local producers. 

You can still go through the greenhouse gas awareness checklist and check Resources to find ways of reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Rural Property Owner Visits

The initiative helps rural property owners improve the energy efficiency of their homes, explore sources of renewable energy, and find ways to manage their woodlots and farmland more sustainably. 

Alternatives for land use, such as firewood, maple syrup or selective logging can pay dividends to the landowner and increase the efficiency of the land use in terms of storing carbon. Connecting suppliers with markets will boost our local economy on many levels.

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Forestry Day for Grades Seven and Eight is each year in May. Nature Connects is for younger students with classroom and outside activities. For more information please contact Virginia deCarle virginiadecarle2014atgmail.com (613) 334-7547


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