Amazing Graze Alpacas

127 Sine Road R.R.#1
Stirling , ON K0K 3E0
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Marj Brady & Steven Martin
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Amazing Graze Alpacas is located just north of Stirling off Highway 14.  We have been breeding alpacas since 2003 and continually strive to improve. As testament to our efforts, our award winning alpacas are producing award winning fleeces! Our primary focus is breeding stock but we also have a small selection of hobby/fibre/companion animals available - these animals are conformationally correct and viable fibre producers that don't quite meet our breeding program criteria.

Our alpacas are shorn annually in spring and their fibre is used to produce 100% Canadian alpaca yarn, felt and rovings. Fibre that we deem too coarse for finished products is processed into batts for duvets and pet beds and short fibre is processed into rug yarn.

Alpacas have been domesticated for over 5,000 years and were originally brought to North America in the late 1980s. They are an ideal small-holdling livestock and are raised primarily for their fibre. Their fibre felts well and accepts dye beautifully although alpacas come in 22 recognized colours ranging from pure brilliant white to a true deep black so countless blends are possible. Alpaca fibre has terrific thermal capacity and is finer, softer, warmer and lighter than wool. Alpaca socks make a wonderful, affordable gift for that special outdoors person. 

We're always happy to talk about our animals and our breeding practices, consult on fibre production and processing and chat with newcomers and oldtimers alike. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like more information or to arrange a visit.

We are passionate about the quality of our alpacas, their fibre and the products we make with it.  Our yarn weights range from a luscious two-ply lace,  to two-ply sport yarn through to a very durable three-ply sock yarn,  a soft bulky four-ply yarn and some really lovely alpaca/bamboo/merino lopi.  We're recently added "extreme" yarns to our offerings - super bulky alpaca yarn in two pound bumps! We carefully sort, skirt and grade our fibre every year and then have it spun to our specifications by one of several Canadian mills.   Prices vary depending on grade, weight and yardage.

We offer two grades of rovings both are 100% Canadian Alpaca - superfine or cria rovings are the softest thing you'll ever touch, "rustic rovings" are not quite as soft and the staple varies from 5-13 cms (2-5 inches). Most are natural colours ranging from pure white through to deepest black. Rovings are packaged in 100 gram bags and are ideal for handspinning, felting and thrummed mittens.

Marj makes cosy throws from alpaca roving. She can custom knit one for you. They make  lovely house warming presents.

For full details about these high quality yarn the weights  and  colours available and prices go to Amazing Graze Alpacas.