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1619 Vanderwater Road RR#1
Thomasburg , ON K0K 3H0
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Kathryn Aunger & Aric Aguonie
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Earth Haven Farm has been Demeter Certified since 2008.


Earth Haven Farm is a 200 acre family-owned and operated subsistence farm dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. We are located in the hamlet of Thomasburg just north of Belleville in the Municipality of Tweed in Ontario.  We have 3,000 acres of conservation land to the east of us, 800 acres of woodlot to the north and another 800 acres of woodlot to the south.  We are in an ideal location for growing healthy, nutritional food, free of chemicals, pesticides and other toxins.

We farm using organic and biodynamic practices; a tradition of agriculture that connects all cultures around the world to their natural, ancestral agricultural roots.  Bio meaning life and dynamic meaning force = working with the life forces of nature to enhance soil health, plant and animal vitality with the end result being nutrient dense food.

Earth Haven Farm has been Certified Demeter (Organic) since 2008, with membership in the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario.  Demeter and Biodynamics are well known throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, Central and South America with a growing following in the United States.  Earth Haven Farm is one of very few Demeter Certified farms in Canada.  One of our goals is to bring about awareness of these agricultural practices and the benefits they have to the health and quality of the soil, and thus the health and nutritional value of the plants for both animal and human consumption.

Along with our gardens of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, we pride ourselves in raising 100% pasture grass fed and pasture grass fed finished beef. In addition to their flavorful high-protein and low cholesterol meat, our hardy and sweet-tempered Scottish Highland Cattle are proven allies in helping us to clear a lot of underbrush from overgrown hedgerows and wooded pasture areas. They are truly the ideal breed for our remote farm location, topographical conditions and agricultural practices.

In these current times we are seeing more and more people with serious health issues related to three generations of eating "toxic" foods.  Here at Earth Haven Farm all of our efforts are put into growing healthy, nutritious food, free of chemicals and toxins.  Our aboriginal peoples refer to "food as medicine" and we are proud to support our heritage farming traditions by growing food that has a nutritional value that can be considered to be medicine.

In our ever-evolving journey in self sufficiency, our purpose is to leave something of value behind for future generations. It is our hope and dream that not only our children and grandchildren will continue on where we leave off, but also that we will inspire others to enter into a deeper and healthier relationship with their own land base.

Grass fed beef

We maintain a small herd of purebred Scottish Highland Cattle.  They are rotated daily onto new pasture.  In the winter they are fed hay from our farm and always have access to a wooded pasture.  Organic, Non-GMO mineral supplements are provided to the herd.  There is no corn or grain in their diet making them 100% grass fed and finished.  Meat from grass fed beef is lower in cholesterol and there is less fat and more marbelling.  Many people seek grass fed beef for health reasons.

  • Less total fat.
  • More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that's thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.
  • More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E.
Please note that we maintain a small herd of cattle and the demand is high.  We may only butcher once or twice a year.  Meat is sold at farmgate and at farmers markets.

Our herd is kept small so that they can keep their horns which is part of their lymphatic and immune system.  Horns help the cows cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the cold of winter.  Keeping a small herd also alleviates the need for antibiotics.  All hay and green leafy vegetables fed to our herd are organic and free of any GMO's. 

White Corn Flour

Grown at Earth Haven Farm.  This is one of Aric's passion crops. Through our relationships with First Nations and Indian Agriculture of Ontario we have been able to obtain this valuable heritage seed along with the traditional teachings on how to cultivate, harvest and process into flour.

Also known as Iroquois White Corn, is an ancient heirloom corn traditionally grown by the Iroquois First Nations. Tuscarora is an heirloom variety of eight-row corn that has historically been a staple food of aboriginal peoples. The corn has big white kernels, large ears, and is the perfect consistency to grind into corn meal for breads and soups. Its genetic variability fashions a range of flavors from earthy to sugary. Tuscarora is praised within the Iroquois Nation as a link to good physical health, as well as its intrinsic connection to the vibrancy of traditional native cultures.

Whole-grain white corn meal is nutritionally superior to refined, unenriched corn meal, due its higher levels of B-vitamins, iron, zinc and fiber. White corn meal can be found in cornbread, corn muffins, tortillas, polenta, grits and tamales. All the nutrition information for this product is for one-half cup of whole-grain white corn meal, but the actual amounts of corn meal used will vary by the recipe. For example, a serving of corn grits or polenta has about a quarter-cup of cornmeal, while an entire 8-in. square pan of cornbread requires about 1 cup of cornmeal.

Basic Nutrition Information:  One-half cup of white corn meal has 221 calories, 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 46.9 grams of carbohydrates and 4.5 grams of fiber, according to the USDA's Food and Nutrient Database. White corn meal, as it is a starch, has a high carbohydrate content with limited protein and fat. The fiber content is significant at 4.5 grams, as the daily requirement for fiber is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women up to age 50.  White corn meal is naturally gluten free.


Community Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Becoming an Earth Haven Farm CSA member gives you a direct relationship with us, your farmers. Your membership provides you with much more than the weekly joy of receiving ultra-fresh, organic and locally grown produce. It provides you with education, the opportunity to try new food, and pride in the knowledge that you are reducing your environmental footprint and directly contributing to sustainable, local, organic farming while helping to support the next generation of farmers.

The Earth Haven Farm CSA program is an experience that includes:

  • A weekly or bi-weekly box of freshly harvested organic produce, containing 7-12 items, depending on share size. Produce will change throughout the growing season.
  • Small Size - suitable for a single person or couple with minimal green requirements.
  • Medium Size - ideal for the vegetarian, a couple or a small family.
  • Large Size - ideal for the family that loves their greens, vegetarians, juicers, cooks and people that like to entertain.
  • Weekly recipes and tips on easy ways to use the produce in your box
  • Nutritional facts about your food
  • Family friendly insights into the craft of farming and the source of your food
  • Free visits to our farm (call ahead before you come to make sure we are available)

Please note:  We do not butcher often and therefore our meat is not always available.  Contact Aric Aguonie at or call 613-478-3876 to inquire about availaility.

Earth Haven Farm is a vendor at Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market in Toronto and The Village Market in Richmond Hill every Saturday, January through December (weather permitting).

To learn more about Earth Haven Farm and what we do and what we have to offer - visit our website at

To honour our cows, we wanted to ensure that we utilized all of the animal.  This led us to making tallow soap.

Curious enough in our research, we discovered that only tallow from a grass-fed, grass-finished animal will render into soap. 

Tallow combined with pure essential oils and rendered into soap contains a certain warmth and feeling of alive-ness that I find inhabits most things made from natural materials, perhaps retained from the animal to which the raw material once belonged.

That cow, with all the love and care and hours of work we gave her, returned our gift with the gift of her life, and life for us through her meat. We can feel that selflessness in every part of her. And what’s more, we can feel the love we have put into it in every part of the process, from melting the cubes of raw fat in the oven to packaging the bars.  Tabitha (Aric's sister) is our soap maker.

Soaps are available in a variety of scents from natural to mint, patchuli, lemon-line, lavendar, juniper berry, and whatever creative scent Tabitha wishes to work with.

An Important Note:  Earth Haven Farm is a working farm and a private family homestead. To ensure a peaceful, healthy environment for our plants, animals and people to thrive, we are not an agri-tourism destination. We respectfully ask that visits are made by appointment only.