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Roger Kelly & Valerie Kelly
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Kellys' Wild Blueberry Farm is one of the few farms in Ontario growing lowbush blueberries. "An Ontario Department of Agriculture program in the early 1980's gave us our start in learning to grow and market a crop new to cultivation—the native Canadian lowbush blueberry," said Valerie. "The Lowbush Blueberry New Crop Development Fund helped us to establish our first acre of blueberries. Since the program ended we have continued to adapt growing methods and equipment to our climate and situation. Over the years we have expanded our blueberry planting to four acres." The primary market for the fruit is now in the form of artisanal jam that Valerie produces on the farm. Valerie’s Wild Blueberry Jam is sold from a special display at the Foodland store in Bancroft, Ontario each summer while quantities last. The jam is only produced in small batches to best preserve the fresh flavour and texture of the berries.

Other jams and jellies are also available for sale by advance order for pick up at the farm. They are produced from both cultivated and wild berries that grow on the farm. The farm website describes the products that are available. Some of the berries utilized include black currant, lingonberry and highbush cranberry and chokecherry. Check the website for a complete list.  

Valerie Kelly makes jams and jellies from her home grown fruit. "Our jam is made from the wild and cultivated berries that grow here on our farm." said Valerie. "No fruits are purchased. The types of jam available for sale vary from year to year depending on what wild berries can be harvested. Jams include strawberry, lowbush blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, red and black currant, gooseberry, chokecherry, lingonberry, highbush cranberry and more." Valerie makes the jam in small batches in our kitchen. Careful attention is paid to every processing detail as recommended by home canning experts.

Purchase a selection of our homemade jams to enjoy or use as gifts for family and friends. Some of our jams, such as the strawberry/lingonberry  and blueberry/lingonberry are quite unique. Our jams and jellies are made from the wild and cultivated berries that grow on our farm. No fruit is purchased. We use berries of the best quality picked at their peak of flavour. Taste for yourself the difference this makes. Each type of berry that we use contains valuable nutrients important in a healthy diet. Recipes are based on those published by home canning experts. Careful attention is given to processing methods to ensure the sterility of all finished jams.

The types of jam and jellies available for sale vary somewhat from year to year depending on what quantities of  fruit can be harvested. Wintering conditions and spring frost on blossoms can limit fruit yields some seasons.


Best sellers include strawberry, strawberry/rhubarb, lowbush blueberry, lowbush blueberry/raspberry, raspberry, and black currant. These jams are all made from berries produced by our cultivated plantings. We do not have large quantities of black currant fruit most years. The wild blackberry patch on the sunny hillside above our home has produced excellent crops of berries biannually for over 33 years. Jam made from these berries is one of our favourites though sometimes in short supply. A nice jelly can also be made from our cultivated red currants in the years when their fruit is plentiful. 

Unusual jams


This jam is made from the fruit produced by our small experimental patch of cultivated lingonberries,  commonly called partridgeberries in Newfoundland.  These plants are native to the boreal forests of Eurasia and North America. We find that they thrive in a corner of our lowbush blueberry planting. The jam is well known in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. We have discovered that delicious combination jams can be made with lingonberries. Try our unique strawberry/lingonberrry and blueberry/lingonberry jams.

Highbush cranberry

We find these berries in late fall on wild medium sized shrubs that grow along the forest edges of our farm. The berries make delicious jelly.


Our cultivated varieties originate from the native shrubs that grow on the Canadian prairies. Their berries make excellent jelly much favoured in western Canada. We are now able to introduce chokecherry jelly to our eastern customers.


Jam made from our fresh rhubarb stems tastes refreshingly different on toast or biscuits.  


Although this jam is less commonly available in Canada, it is very familiar and appreciated in Great Britain.


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