Knuckle Down Farm

251 Anderson Island Road
Frankford , ON K0K2K0
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Jenny Cook
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Knuckle Down Farm is a small-scale organic Market Garden and CSA farm between Stirling and Frankford on a quiet back water of the River Trent, near the Keating-Hoards Natural Habitat Area. Jenny Cook and Peter Wills bought the 23 acre farm in 2013.  After too many years spent sitting at desks aquiring degrees in Environmental Studies and Environmental Design, Jenny now enjoys spending her days outside growing over 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers for her CSA members and market. Peter, who never imagined he would live on a farm, provides technical support and on occasion heavy lifting. 

What is a CSA farm? Community Supported (or shared) Agriculture (CSA) shares give you a direct connection to the local farm where your vegetables are grown and with the farmer who grows them. They also give you fresh, delicious, organic produce all summer.

By buying shares of the future harvest while the ground is still frozen, you allow us to purchase the seeds and equipment needed in the spring. Once the season begins, usually by mid-June, we harvest fresh vegetables for you to enjoy each week.

Shareholders thus agree to share the risks as well as the bounty of the harvest, allowing farmers to focus on growing.

Shares are harvested weekly for twenty weeks starting in mid-June. We do not pre-pack the shares, but rather allow members to choose their own share based on a list provided at each pick-up. This way members can choose between big vegetables, little ones, ugly ones, perfect ones, green, red or yellow ones. Members bring their own bags, baskets or containers to take the bounty home. Each week the contents of the share change based on what is in season. You can choose between two different share sizes:

SMALL SHARES are intended to feed two omnivores or one very dedicated vegetable eater.

REGULAR SHARES are intended to feed four omnivores or two very dedicated vegetable eaters.