Rosemary and Bob Gates run an orchard on the Stockdale Road, north of Trenton, in Quinte West. Just look for the happy apple sign. They have a variety of apples including Quinte, Vista Bella, Macs, Royal Gala, Spy, Cortland, Russets, Red Delicious, Empire, Spartan, Granny Smith and Crispin. The Gates start picking in late July and continue until October. You can purchase apples at the Trenton Farmers’ Market or at the farm gate. They bought the place in 1974 as greenhorns and have certainly come a long way. They have been vendors at the Trenton Farmers’ Market, now the Front Street Farmers’ Market  since 1975. They also sell maple syrup made by their son Joey and honey made by their son Bobbie and his daughters..

There is an interesting history of apple growing in the Trenton and Brighton areas. The Quinte apple variety was developed at the Smithfield Experimental Farm. In 1989, the farm was designated as the primary site for the preservation of clonally propagated fruit crops in Canada. In 1996 the gene bank program was transferred to the Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre in Harrow. Carol Martin from Thomasburg has written a book on the history of apples in Canada.


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