We are a husband & wife duo with two tiny humans! We believe in nurturing the land we live on and supporting others who do the same. We have a small and growing homestead on 4 acres located on the top of the Oak Hills.

We have a variety of chickens and ducks, which we hatch ourselves annually. As for our gardens, they seem to continue to expand year after year, as I’m sure we can all relate!

On our homestead, feeding ourselves and our children is most important but we also believe in sharing what we grow, educating others to learn along with us and most of all, welcome anyone with open arms to understand and see where their food comes from 💕 We do our best to provide our family and local community with fresh, locally sourced chemical-free produce.

Our animals are our family too, therefore they live freely. They happily free range throughout our property and enjoy fresh produce in season and meal worms throughout the winter months. They have some pretty great living quarters that are filled with fresh herbs, hemp bedding and lots of love.

Like the saying goes, “it takes a village…” If we do not grow it, we source it out as locally as possible within our area. There is always so much room to learn and grow and we are sure to support others along their journey as well.

Everyone is welcome here 😊

Brad’s background is in excavation and Chelsea has been a massage therapist in the area since 2015, but since having children she has found herself more drawn towards the gardens and enjoying their ducks & chickens.

We have also recently become local distributors for hemp bedding.

-Chelsea & Brad Joslin

Contact email: [email protected]

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