CIPM farm is a certified organic cash crop operation, growing about 350 acres of cereals and other grains each year. The farm is located in the Spry Settlement, north of Stirling, and consists of 56 rolling fields surrounded by forest. The sandy soils are quick to warm up in the spring and are ideally suited to cereal production. At the north of the farm of rare limestone alvars. Organic farming procedure requires rotation of crops and the CIPM rotation includes spelt, spring wheat, buckwheat, soybeans, rye, flax, hemp and oats. All cereals are underseeded with red clover to fix nitrogen for the following crop.

For a number of years, CIPM has grown a heritage spring wheat called Red Fife, a variety brought to Canada by David Fife of Otonabee township in 1842. This variety proved to be less prone to disease, matured earlier and became the main spring wheat variety grown across Canada and the northern United States for the next 60 years. It was largely responsible for giving Canada the title of the “Granary of the World “. The small amount of seed preserved over the years has now been multiplied by CIPM and a number of other organic growers across the country and once again it is being milled into flour. Because of interest by artisan bakers in the excellent flavour of Red Fife, we now stone-mill the grain into a whole grain flour using the entire kernel, the bran, wheatgerm etc., thereby preserving the essential nutrients that are usually lost in conventional flour milling.


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