The name of our farm is Corner Lott Maple Farm, and we are located east of Stirling. Our family loves the farm life and the products that are grown from our land. As we enjoy clean living, our animals, both goats and chickens, run free, antibiotic, and growth hormone free. You could say that we like our animals au natural. You can already tell that we do not use pesticides and/or fertilizers as well. We prefer the aromatic manure to help our crops of wheat, animal grain and hay grow. Chemicals, bah humbug!

Our farm offers a variety of products such as goats, chickens, and eggs. We also have Red Fife Flour and Wheat Berries to make delicious and wonderful treats. Produce also grows on our land. You would think that we have so many choices and just when you think that there cannot be any more, here we are, offering soap and body products made with all natural ingredients.

Coming to our farm is like coming home after a long day. You can cuddle some cats and/or goats, you can sit and enjoy the beauty of our land while enjoying a slice of Red Fife wheat bread. Once you are ready to head home, you can bring products, produce and peace until you can come back to our little slice of Heaven. Corner Lott Maple Farm, the only place where you can enjoy the lot and take a little home with you as well.

Open year-round by appointment. You can also find them at the Thomasburg Market. Call or email [email protected]

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