Clarence Reid of Hillview Cabinets  has been a cabinet maker for over 25 years. He makes his beautiful custom cabinets in his workshop just east of Stirling. It is a business that he operates with his wife Kim and, for the last couple of years, his nephew Pete. Clarence is not a volume manufacturer.  Every cabinet his makes is unique and completely made by hand in is workshop, even all the cabinet doors.

Clarence started his carpentry career as a custom homebuilder and decided he liked the detail work and artistry required for cabinet making.  He very much enjoys making more the elaborate, detailed cabinets that have depth and character. Clarence has never had to advertise. He gets all his work through word of mouth. He enjoys having face to face contact with his clients to produce exactly what they want.  He very much likes to build more high-end, detailed and elaborate cabinets and uses all the modern touches when it comes to the hardware, such as slow closures and granite counter tops. He selects his own local hardwood for his cabinets from a local supplier who kiln dries his hardwood to his exacting standards. He uses only select or better grade lumber for his cabinets. He doesn’t want to get call backs for warpage! He has made his cabinets using many types of local hardwood, including oak, maple, hickory, walnut, cherry, basswood and ash, and some local softwood pine and has his finishing booth right in his workshop.

Hillview Cabinets makes on average about 10-12 complete kitchen and bathroom cabinets per year and install the cabinets themselves to insure quality and workmanship. They even have their own mold trimmer to make all their trim to match their cabinets. They make complete kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and vanities, mantles and book shelves.


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