Stirling Creamery say “Our cream is processed under strict standards of quality control ensuring your Stirling™ Butter is pure, wholesome and superior in quality and taste. Our innovation team can turn your butter dreams into reality.” Stirling™ Butter is made from Ontario cream with a barrel churned process to produce the best tasting and textured product in the country. Our Canada Number 1 butter is available all across Canada. If you want the best, you need Stirling™ Creamery butter. You can choose from Hastings Whey Butter, Stirling Butter, Goat’s Butter and Stirling Unsalted Butter. It is classed as one of the top 30 butters in the world and described as an unsalted sweet cream butter, with a smooth, luxurious consistency and lingers pleasantly on the palate. Stirling™ Butter Balls are convenient, ready-to-serve, and provide consistent portion control. One can take them from the freezer to the table.
The West family has been in the manufacturing end of the dairy industry since the late 19th century. Miss Annie Elevier exhibited cheese at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, and won the gold medal for her efforts. She was the cheesemaker at Clydesdale factory near Apsley, in Chandos Township. Annie married John West and taught him, and their three sons, the cheesemaking trade. The eldest of these sons, William, became a certified cheesemaker in 1916 and operated plants in Springbrook, Bonarlaw, and Stockdale. He married Elizabeth Tanner of Rawdon Township, and in 1925, they moved to Stirling where Willam became the proprieter of the Stirling Creamery, and began making butter. The old Stirling Creamery had one churn and two pasteurizers powered by steam, from burning slab wood and coal. In 1933, the original structure was torn down and a new plant erected in its place. William and Elizabeth’s three sons, Harold, Clare and Russell, all worked in the Stirling Creamery. A new company was formed in 1954, as the generations changed, and more changes took place over the next thirty years. Clare’s two sons, Bob and Dick, eventually took over the business in the 1980’s. Shortly after the passing of Dick in 2002, Bob became the sole owner.
In 2006 The Stirling Creamery was purchased by Butterball® Farms, Inc.. Butterball® Farms is proud to continue the history of slow churn methods while transforming natural goodness through innovative products and services. Over the past year, The Stirling Creamery has been expanding its product and service offerings to now offer more products to more regions across Canada. The most recent development of “The Creamery” is the plant expansion to house the production line for our new embossed butter forms. The embossed butter forms provide a unique and elegant dining experience. Please contact us to learn more.


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