Mahna Farms


Michael Walder
goatkeeper84 [at]

At Mahna Farms, we sell purebred and percentage, registered and commercial, Boer goats for meat, or breeding stock.  In North Hastings, farmers are faced with the challenge of harsh climatic conditions, undesirable forage, and rocky terrain.  Goats are animals that are able to thrive in just such conditions.  Boer goats, originally from South Africa, are the premier species used in Canada and many parts of the world that translate good returns on investment.  These returns are achieved through their reproductiveness, rapid growth, and hardiness.  

Michael Walder of Mahna Farms is a forestry technician, who harvests his woodlot sustainably for firewood and rough cut lumber. You can call him or order firewood.  it is best to get your firewood in early summer so you can let it dry through the summer.

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