Old Railway Station

234 McCoy Road
Madoc , ON K0K2K0
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Earl Derry is the owner of Old Railway Station Wood Carving and Wood Burning Supplies and he is also a talented carpenter and wood worker. This fascinating little company is housed in a 35-foot long refurbished camping trailer. With his trailer, Earl can travel from show to show displaying not only his wood carving and wood burning supplies, but also his wood product creations.

Earl is a very enterprising young man who learned the wood working trade while still at the local high school. Center Hastings High School has a much respected carpentry and woodworking program. While still in high school, Earl made his own workshop in an old barn on his parent’s farm. From there he honed his cabinet-making skills using more traditional methods like mortise and tenon and dowels. Wanting to be more creative, he transitioned more into woodworking, making beautiful, creative cutting boards and many other wood craft. However, he still makes a lot of custom cabinets and tables, and enjoys the precision and skill required. He is a busy fellow and on top of that has even designed and made his own ingenious  chisel sharpening tool that he sells as well.

Earl even has his own sawmill so he can cut his own logs to make his wonderful creations. He travels quite extensively with his trailer to various outdoor events and shows, including the Hastings County Plowing Match, SAWTECH, local wood working shows in Belleville and Bobcaygeon.

Wood Working Products and Supplies: Colwood Wood Burners, Razortip Wood Burners, Razaire Products, Maxima Micromotor Power Carvers, Harder & Steenbeck Airbrushes, Iwata Airbrushes, Helvie Knives and Chisels, OCC Tools Knives and Chisels, Foredom Power Carvers & Accessories, Power Carving Bits and Burs, Sand Pape, Gloves, Glues and Puttys, Brass Rod, Tubing and SheetsPatterns and Blanks, Eyes, Feet and Study Casts, Assortment of Paints & Brushes and more products coming all the time.

Earl makes cabinets and tables, cutting boards, signs, and various wood crafts.

The tools and equipment Earl has include:

Tools and supplies for the fine woodworker

Wood Working Products and Supplies:

-Colwood Wood Burners

-Razortip Wood Burners

- Razaire Products

- Maxima Micromotor Power Carvers

- Harder & Steenbeck Airbrushes

- Iwata Airbrushes

- Helvie Knives and Chisels

-OCC Tools Knives and Chisels

-Foredom Power Carvers & Accessories 

- Power Carving Bits and Burs

- Sand Paper

- Gloves

- Glues and Puttys

- Brass Rod, Tubing and Sheets

- Patterns and Blanks

- Eyes, Feet and Study Casts

- Assortment of Paints & Brushes

- And more products coming all the time