Ormsby Village Woodworking

23466 Hwy 62
Coe Hill , ON K0L 1P0
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Ingo Weise
ormsbyvillageww [at] gmail.com

Rustic Pallet Furniture

Ingo Weise and his wife Bonnie create unique custom wood products using discarded hardwood pallets - the ultimate in ‘upcycling’! Ingo and Bonnie take apart older, unused wood pallets and make coffee tables, sofa end tables, harvest tables, coat racks, wine racks, cabinets and almost any wood product imaginable. Though they nicely sand their creations, they still retain the rugged look of the pallets, which are mostly made of sturdy oak. To finish their creations, Ingo and Bonnie apply a beautiful eco-friendly finish, in basic colours or custom colours.

They started their business just over a year ago, after building their bright and airy home on Highway 62, just before the Highway 602 turnoff to Coe Hill. Recently retired from working for the OPP for many years, Ingo knew that he and Bonnie wanted to build a business that they could operate together. Having all their tools and equipment from building their home and liking woodworking, they came upon the idea to re-purpose pallets. They even had a special tool made to be able to help take apart the pallets relatively quickly.

 They make about five pieces a week, but it depends on what they are making. Their clients will often send them pictures of what they would like them to make. They expected things to slow down after the original flurry, but they have continued to keep busy. Ingo did a business plan when he was starting and expected to make bird houses and bird feeders, but their tables became so popular that they have had to alter their plans and concentrate on the tables but they can make almost anything.

They purchase other wood that they need from local suppliers, such as 4 x 4s in Eastern white cedar from Empey Logs and Lumber.

If you would like to see photos of their wonderful work, you can visit their website. They are active on Facebook and Twitter.

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