Reklaw Farm

237 Vanderwater Road
Thomasburg , ON K0K 3H0
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Verna Walker & Will Walker
the5walkers [at]

You have a dentist to care for you teeth and a family physician to care for your health. Do you have a farmer to provide local healthy food for you and your family? If you are concerned about what you are eating the first step is to, know your farmer.

We will be offering pasture  raised chicken, and pork this summer. We also have a registered herd of Dexter Cattle, beef will be available this spring it will be sold by the quarter and by the side. An average side is 250lbs.

We are going to be growing sweet corn again this summer available in Tweed across from Tim Horton's. We will also have wholesale sweet corn, so if you are thinking about having a corn roast this summer give us a call ahead of time for wholesale pricing.



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