Oats and Honey Bulk Foods

  • Local Store
47 Durham Street S., Oats and Honey
Madoc , ON K0K 2K0
Tuesday - Saturday
10:00 am-3:00 pm


Angie Smith
info [at] oatsandhoneybulkfood.com

A few years ago, Angie Smith found inspiration on a trip to New Brunswick. While visiting the rural community of St. Andrews, she stumbled upon an old-fashioned candy store. It reminded her of her childhood in Madoc when the community had a thriving bulk food store. “There was one here when I was a kid that was absolutely amazing,” she said. After that trip, everything changed. Smith, who originally worked in retail and graphic design, decided to become a small business owner. After her trip east, she spent six years researching, designing and planning for what would become Oats and Honey Bulk Foods.

She has a huge variety of flours, grains, nuts and seeds. Local products like Railway Creek garlic and Twin Sisters Honey as well as crafts and gift items.