The Village Green

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The Village Green, 525 Ashley St.,
Foxboro , ON K0K 2B0
The Village Green is open all Year.
Tuesday - Saturday
9:00 am-5:00 pm


Karen Wright
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Shop online for your seeds or come in person to The Village Green.


You will find everything you need to help your garden grow naturally plus friendly and helpful advice. The Village Green is the home of Terra Edibles for organically-grown heritage varieties of tomatoes, vegetable, herb and flower seeds. We usually have over 30 different varieties of tomato seedlings in many colours (including red, pink, black, yellow, orange, green and striped) and in many sizes (cherry to beefsteak). We also offer herbs, pepper, squash, cucumber and melon seedlings for sale. There are limited numbers of sweet potato seedlings that are hardy to this area.

We have lots of locally-produced products in stock that can become cherished and treasured gifts. For example, we have stained glass pieces from an artisan from Brighton and flower theme, and retro-style glass bird ornaments. We also have many 'use-up-able' items that are perfect for gift baskets. For example, we offer wine and red pepper jellies from Perth, hand-crafted soaps from Manitoulin Island and wild-crafted teas from Killaloe.The Village Green offers a wide range of items, including organic gardening supplies, unique gifts, locally-produced soaps, candles, lavender products, honey and more. Open year-round 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays. The Village Green has been operating since M