Living Today for Tomorrow

The 2009 event already 60% filled! Be sure to book your seat as soon as possible. Pre-registraton is required.

Fourth Annual Living Today for Tomorrow: Sustainable Living Symposium 2009 Saturday, March 28, 2009 at Loyalist College

New this year Green Homes Bus Tours on Sunday, March 29th in Prince Edward County

Highlighting over 25 local experts through interactive participant sessions and over 50 local businesses, organizations and products in an exhibitor area.

~ Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario ~

Local, affordable, and do-able lifestyle solutions for right now will be demonstrated and discussed at the Fourth Annual Sustainable Living Symposium. Living within our environmental and economic means has become even more important during this time of climate change and economic turmoil. Local experts will show you how to implement earth-friendly and cost-effective solutions such as urban food gardens, environmentally friendly cleaning products, renewable energy and more.

The focus is on local solutions, local services, and local businesses. You’ll work with your neighbours and local experts to find out how to make a difference today, for a sustainable tomorrow.

2009 Sessions on March 28 at Loyalist College include: Renewable Energy and Heat Systems for Your Home (solar, wind and geothermal) Informed Shopping and Living (home cleaning products, responsible consumerism) Food Garden Basics (designed landscapes for food, fibre and energy) New Crops for Niche Markets (Hemp, Switchgrass and LaFarge Energy Farm Project) Efficient Design (Strawbale Home Design, and Sustainable Communities Design) Large Scale Energy Production (Bullfrog Power and Large Scale Wind Power Production) Cleaning out Water (Conventional and Alternative Waste Water Treatment) Earth Friendly Lifestyles (Living Close to the Earth – Mohawk Community,Whole Village Eco-village,The Joys and Challenges) Reducing Your Energy Bills (Eco-energy Home Retrofit program and renovating your home) Energy Efficiency & A Healthy Home….The Marriage of Green Building Rethinking Transportation Workshops (Bicycle Clinic, Hybrid Vehicle Technology) Healthy Yards for Diverse Ecosystems (Backyard Diversity, Ecosystem Biodiversity)

The County Sustainability Group’s Green Homes Bus Tours in Prince Edward County on March 29th, 2009 are featuring 8 green homes on two different tours. Speak with homeowners about the joys and challenges of going green! Preregistration required.


Online Registration Pre-registration is Required. Spaces Are Limited. Register Early! All PROFITS FROM THE 2009 SYMPOSIUM SUPPORT A 2010 EVENT

FULL WEEKEND (includes the green homes bus tour on Sunday) $50 for the entire weekend $40 for students Saturday the 28th-Sustainable Living Symposium at Loyalist College - all day sessions and exhibits (with lunch) Sunday the 29th - Green Homes Bus Tour in Prince Edward County (bring your own lunch) ONLY SATURDAY - Symposium Sessions and Exhibitor Area (includes lunch and refreshments) $40.00 per person $30.00 students

ONLY SUNDAY for the Prince Edward County Green Homes Bus Tour (bring your own lunch) $15.00 per person Prince Edward County South Bus Tour Prince Edward County North Bus Tour