OMAFRA Agriculture-Wildlife Conflict Strategy is on EBR till April 11

The Ontario government recently released a discussion paper on a new Agriculture-Wildlife Conflict Strategy through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Natural Resources. The province is seeking input on the Strategy through the Environmental Registry Program online now through April 11.

The Ontario Ministry of Agricultre Food and Rural Affairs has a Wildlife Discussion Paper expanding the compensation eligibility for livestock damage to the following wildlife species: cougars, lynx, bobcat, ravens, eagles, hawks, crows, turkey vultures, weasels, raccoons, mink and elk.

The propose compensation for livestock kills but not for crop damage.  With crop damage caused by wildlife the plan is to "Explore possible improvements to Production Insurance coverage for wildlife damage, developing procedures to track wildlife damage to crops and providing information about best management practices to production."

If you think farmers should be compensated for crop damage caused by introduced wildlife such as elk you should make your views know on the EBR Agriculture-Wildlife Conflict Strategy # 011 2677.