Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

The Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada was formed in 2001 with a vision to serve Canada’s organic sector through science and education. There is a very good website full of information about research into organic farming, courses for producers and extension services. There is contacti nformation about a range of credit and noncredit courses both online and campus about aspects of organic farming.

There are links to research from all over the world for example looking at crop yield from organic and conventional agriculture, which concludes maybe a hybrid approach is needed to feed the world.

Doctoral student, Verena Seufert, and the geography professor Navin Ramankutty, both of McGill University, and Jonathan Foley, the director of the Institute on the Environment of the University of Minnesota compared yields between organic grain production and conventional production and found conventional production had 25% higher yields. They concluded "in the end, to achieve sustainable food security we will probably need many different techniques — including organic, conventional, and possible ‘hybrid’ systems — to produce more food at affordable prices, ensure livelihoods for farmers, and reduce the environmental costs of agriculture…."

Verena Seufert thinks there is nothing black or white about organic agriculture. One thing they did identified in their study was 

"An important knowledge gap we identified is the performance of organic agriculture in smallholder farming systems in developing countries. These are the places where yield increases are most needed and where organic agriculture could potentially provide an important tool for sustainable intensification of farming. Research in these systems is urgently needed."