Green Communities

September - Be part of the solution

Global Citizenship A global citizen is aware of the wider world, respects and values diversity, is outraged by injustice, participates in community from the local to global level, and feels compelled to act to make the world a more humane and sustainable place. We have chosen some courses below which are becoming more in demand, as we are becoming more aware of our global responsibility.

 Environmental Conservation -Certificate

 Field to Fork: Introduction to Local and Global Food

 Food Security Concepts and Principles.

 Global Citizenship

 Global Health 

 Global Warming Concepts.

 Globalization and Sustainability

 Going Green at Home

 Going Green in the Workplace

 Intercultural Relations - Certificate

 Start Your Own Edible Garden

 Understanding Sustainable Farming: Principles and Practices

Take advantage of some of the educational and training opportunities available to you; Contact the Madoc Centre at 613- 473-4788 for more information on the online programs, courses and workshops above.

Contact North Ontario's Distance Education and Training Network 1 877 999-9147