Susan Chan: Valuing honey for its terroir

Honey from the land

After listenning to Susan Chan talk about the importance of  terroir when it comes to honey, I was interested to read about beekeeping in rural Greece. According to the Federation of Greek Beekeepers' Associations (OMSE) "Greek honey owes its unique aroma and taste to the fact that the better part of Greece is home to forests and wild ecosystems with only 29.32 percent of the land allocated to farming."  

Ian Frazer of Tweedle Bee, Tweed, says we produce some of the best honey in Canada in this part of Ontario. This is probably because, like Greece, Hastings County is  home to forests and wild ecosystems and there is a relatively low percentage of land allocated to farming. We need to get out and taste the different honeys  bee keepers harvest in Hastings County. Each one has its own terroir.