House Construction

The House Construction

Age of Home

Construction- masonry, frame  


Attic:  minimum 8-10” R40- Recommend cellulose- animals don’t like, better R value, attic floor, all opening sealed.

Walls: If old frame home either foam (big $) or cellulose can be blown into walls. Re-Siding?  Add as much insulation to exterior as possible 1-3” R5 to R15

Basement:  walls Insulated. Headers Top of basement walls?

Windows and doors- Single-pane single pane with storm. Recommend minimum Energy Star (Low E glass, Argon gas filled, warm edge spacer) Better- Fibre-glass or wood- triple-pane - get the best windows you can afford.

Ventilation- condensation on windows?  Mould? Stuffy- Minimum Bathroom exhaust fan. If home is really air tight recommend an HRV (Heat Recovery ventilation)

Is the house very dry in the winter? - Are there lots of air leakage - weather stripping both window and doors, caulking and foaming- see Keeping the Heat In how and where to air seal your home.

Moisture - from the home being too air tight or water coming in from exterior.

Down pipes and eaves troughs- make sure water runs away from home