Local Forestry

A real tree for Christmas

There is still time to get a real tree for Christmas. The Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario have a very good Christmas Tree website with information about where to find a Christmas tree farm where you can cut your own tree. There is also information about caring for Christmas trees 

There are many reasons for chosing a real tree. Trees take CO2 out of the atmosphere, counteracting the human use of fossil fuels. Trees also act as air pollution filters and can remove up to 13 tons of airborne pollutants per acre per year. Christmas tree farms are havens for a wide variety of bird and mammal species including grosbeaks, sparrows, chickadees, foxes, coyotes, mice, voles, and squirrels. The "edge effect" created by a stand of Christmas trees next to a woodlot or an open field is known to increase wildlife species diversity.