Farmer to Farmer Workshop: Pasture Management

Learn about rotational grazing with Jack Kyle, OMAFRA

Harvest Hastings ran a very successful Farmer to farmer workshop  about pasture management with Jack Kyle from OMAFRA at Harvest Hastings members Richard and Ann Barber's farm in Stirling-Rawdon. You can listen to what he said at Pasture Management. Roger Barrett from Barretts Farm and Family Centre was there to advise on fencing. Since then we have been much better at moving our cows from one field to another. Once the grass gets down to about three inches we try and move the cows on. We have five cows, a bull and a calf on 15 acres of pasture. This amount of pasture could support a higher number of cows so grass is apt to go to seed. Cows don't like to take coarse grass when young grass is available so we have been cutting the grass after the cows have been moved. We are also taking hay off some of the paddocks and will put the cows back on them in October. By managing your pasture you can extend the grazing season and therefore reduce the amount of hay you have to feed in the winter.

Do check Pasture Management and hear what Jack Kyle has to say. He is the pasture management specialist with OMAFRA. See also Pasture Pluses by Jack Kyle a presentation he made at Farmsmart Conference at the University of Guelph.