Climate Change

Where next for the local wood initiative

Help Finding ways to cut our carbon footprint and adapt to the new reality
After three years, the Local Wood Initiative is moving into a new phase, and we need your input.
Please fill out this short  Local Wood Initiative Survey.  We would love to have  over 250 responses.
It is becoming very obvious the climate is changing, and we are facing extreme weather like last summer's drought and the current floods. The population of deer ticks is growing, and the percentage carrying Lyme disease is high in this area. Our woodlands are suffering diseases like Beech bark disease, emerald ash borer, Dutch elm disease to name a few. Invasive species are affecting our waterways and wetland. 

We need to adapt to the new reality and find ways cut our carbon foot print such as  supporting local producers, saving energy, using less  fossil fuels less and  more renewables.

Please help by filling in the Local Wood Initiative Survey and giving us your ideas.

On a more positive note enjoy these signs of spring.

Trees in flower

May 8, 2017 - 17:15