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It is apple season again

Enjoy fresh apples available at local farm stores

A huge thank you to Diana McPherson of Grills Orchards for helping coordinate and serve tasters at the  Hastings County Tent at the Hastings County Farm Show and Plowing Match on August 23 and 24. People enjoyed Grills Orchards's  purple bread and sprouted bread,  Stirling Creamery butter, Ontario Water Buffalo Company's summer sausage, Hastings Meat Market's beef jerky and Haanover View Farms's pork Kobasa. We also had pickles from Willow Creek Farms, salsa and preserves from Bent Birch Farm and jams and jelliess from Palliser Down Farms and Vriew Acres. Grills Orchards  provided the Paula red apples. Thank you goes to all the producers for their support. 

It is apple season again and you can buy this season's apples and pears at Grills Orchards, at John Van Gilst Hilltop Orchard, Apple Gates Orchards, and Russett farms who will start picking in mid September.

August 28, 2017 - 22:30