Recent history of farming in North Hastings

A fifth of Hastings County farms are in north Hastings

Lynn Davis from Windywold Farm in north Hastings spokeabout recent changes in agriculture in North Hastings, at the Future of Farming in Hastings County meeting in Maynooth on March 13. You can download his talk below.

The loss of support services, such as vets, aboattoirs, feed stores and machine shops, makes it difficult for traditional farmers to continue to operate in North Hastings. The population of North Hastings grows in summer when cottagers come back so there is potential for selling local produce.

Dr. Peter Andree and  Kimberly Bittermann, Ph.D candidate, of Carleton University gave a presentation of the findings of their research.  They gave a similar presentation at the meeting in Madoc on March 19.

Find out more about the Future of Farming in Hastings County research.

March 26, 2018 - 11:30