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How to use the Harvest Hastings Shop

Some producers deliver, others have pick up

The Harvest Hastings Shop is a way to find out who is producing meat, vegetables, cheese and other products. You can't buy online yet. You can find what you want and then

contact the producer to arrange for payment, pick up or deliver. These producers are delivering during COVID19

These instruction show you have to search the Harvest Hastings Shop. 

1.Go to harvesthastings.ca and click on Shop (at top of home page). The map is covered with arrows: the red arrows are producers and the blue-green arrows are farmers' markets or stores

Expand the map and explore your local area. Below the map are images of all the products that will be available this year.


2. The index box on left side shows icons for the range of products, for example: Fruits, Dairy, Livestock, Lumber, Hand-made Products, and Services. The food icons are at the top. Products that are available now will show the corresponding arrows (producer or store) on the map with images of the products below. Click on an Icon.


The food icons are at the top, Dairy and eggs; Fruit and nuts; Vegetables, herbs and mushrooms; Meat; Honey & beeswax; and Processed products.


If you are looking for honey

  1. Click on Honey, Beeswax and Candles icon, and then on honey and you will see arrows on the map and images of Honey below
  2. Either click on the producer's name in the picture of honey, or go to the map and click on someone close to you
  3. This takes you to the producer's profile page, where you find contact information and a link to their Facebook page
  4. To place an order, you can phone, text, email or Facebook
  5. The producer will contact you directly to arrange payment by e-transfer, cheque, credit card or cash and arrange for you to pick up or have the product delivered
  6. Learn about the producer on their profile page: it is vital to get to know your farmer. 

If your are looking for Meat

Click on

  1. Meat icon and see all the different meats available in Hastings County: everything from emu to water buffalo
  2. The maps show the locations of all meat producers
  3. If you are looking for rabbit meat, scroll down to rabbit meat
  4. On the map, you see two blue-green arrows and two red arrows, and below are two images: Thistle Down Farm and Haanover View Farms
  5. Haanover View Farms rabbit meat is available at their farm store, Belleville Market (when it is operating) and Grills Orchard
  6. Click on Haanover View Farms to go to their profile page for their price list and order information You can either phone, message or email them
  7. They will contact you about how to pay, and pick up or delivery
  8. If you want to see all their products, unclick the meat icon (on Shop page) and then type in Haanover View Farms in Specific Needs in Hastings slot You will see two pages of all their products, including grass-fed beef, rabbit meat, pork, maple syrup and hay - and learn about how they farm.


  • If you are looking for organic products, go to Production Methods, click on the pointer, and go to certified organic or other farming methods, including grass-fed
  • The farms show up on the map and the products below




  • If you are looking for a particular service like wood working tools or a poultry shelter go to Services and scroll down
  • If you want to find someone who delivers scroll down to Deliver. Then type the farm name  in the Specific Needs slot and see all their products.


Lumber and wood products

  • If you need firewood, lumber to build a deck, or a canoe, scroll down to find them
  • If you are searching for a canoe, you will find Ruch Canoes. If you would like a musical instrument, you can find Luke Mercier
  • You can also type your request into the Specific Needs in Hastings slot.



  • Explore the area where you live, for example, Tweed
  • In Location Zip code city: type in Tweed, and click on the map to go to the producer's profile.



  • If you want to find a farmer you know or something specific type the name in the Specific Needs in Hastings County



  • Some producers are now delivering, or sometimes volunteers can pick things up for you. You can  fix a time to come out to pick up your products. How about joining up with friends for a single pick up?
  • Type 'Deliver' in Specific Needs in Hastings, and you will see who delivers. You can also go to Services and scroll down to Deliver Type the farm name in Specific Needs and you see all their products.
  • Please remember to call ahead and do not arrive unannounced, especially at this time of social distancing.



  • At this time of year, calves are being born, chicks hatched, and vegetable seeds planted
  • By the beginning of June, there will be asparagus, spring greens, and gradually, more and more vegetables will be available.

Please get in contact if you have questions. (613) 395 4388 or infoatharvesthastings.ca

April 11, 2020 - 10:30