November 23, 2016

Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference

Building relationships and supporting local food in Eastern Ontario.

This year's Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference  is all about resilence

Our local food systems are being constantly challenged by climate change, shifting trade landscapes, and social trends. At the same time, local food systems help to create resilience. They create environmental resilience by supporting diverse production and attracting more farmers into the field. They create economic resilience through business opportunities all along the value chain. They create social resilience by drawing communities together through food. This year’s conference will explore what we can do today to maintain and enhance the resilience of our local food system through uncertain times ahead, as well as the strong role that local food can play in buffering these challenges.

The 2016 Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference will feature a showcase of local foods and beverages, representing the various culinary regions across Eastern Ontario, at the (new) Eastern Ontario Local Food Extravaganza.

100 College Street Maranatha Church
Belleville , ON K8P2G3
November 23, 2016 - 16:00
44° 10' 33.402" N, 77° 23' 50.7768" W