May 7, 2017

Golden Bough Tree farm Clearance sale

Native and ornamental trees and shrubs

Each year Golden Bough Tree Farm, at Marlbank  hosts an open house and clearance sale. Don't miss the clearance sale this weekend. It is an amzing place to visit aas they have a huge collection of trees and shrubs. They have a variety of root stock for apples and pears, decorative trees and shrubs like roses, lilac, cotoniaster magnolia and spindle trees to name a few. They have spruce pine fir,  hemlock, cedar and larch.There is a variety of shade trees with six different maple, honey locust, birch and willow. Of the nut trees they have hazel oak, butternut, walnuts and chestnuts. They have a great variety of native shrubs. As they say "Our nursery is a research station disguised as a business. For decades now we have been browsing the north temperate world for plant material strong enough for our climate and fine enough for our customers.  fo check out the rare species they have collected."

Normally they do all their business online and one is not invited to visit.

The name Golden Bough comes from Sir James Frazer's dense 12-volume masterpiece, The Golden Bough, a monumental study in comparative folklore, magic and religion. For thirty years Gold Bough Tree Farm has been growing native and rare plants and sending them all over Canada. They only sell bare rooted stock.

There is a short period after the winter when trees are domant. After the winter they wait a few weeks for the proper heat and light conditions to begin growth. The reverse is true in the autumn when plant metabolisms slows down before freeze-up. Only during these brief weeks of dormancy can we dig, grade, pack and mail your choices. Prompt and careful planting by the customer ensures a cost-effective operation.

900 County Road 13
Marlbank , ON K0K2L0
May 7, 2017 - 09:00 to 16:00
44° 27' 0.0648" N, 77° 8' 17.5164" W