June 2, 2018

The bountiful forest

Quinte Woodlot Association AGM

On June 2, follow a forester and a forager into the bountiful woodlands near Stirling for a day on plant identification and forest education. The public is invited to the Quinte Woodlot Association’s annual general meeting, an indoor/outdoor event.

 The Ontario Woodlot Association is a volunteer-driven organization, with a network of chapters across the province promoting science-based, sustainable forest management, and providing practical information to woodlot owners striving to be good stewards. These landowners are often the front-liners when dealing with forest challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, endangered species and invasive species, and the OWA is there to support them.  A woodlot can be any size parcel of land capable of small scale production of forest products such as wood, maple syrup, medicinal herbs and edible plants or simply for recreational uses such as bird watching or forest bathing. The Quinte Woodlot Association invites everyone to learn more about valuable plants in our woodlands and tax incentives that promote healthy forests.

 Well respected Forest Technician and Ontario Professional Forest Association member,  David Smallwood, will open the morning indoor session, with a brief Q&A on the  Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP).

Following this, Karen Stephenson from Edible Wild Foods  will present “Foraging in the Woodlot.” Karen teaches people about healthy eating by integrating edible wild food into their diet. "There’s a plethora of wild herbs, weeds, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines all safe to eat so long as you identify them properly and know what part of the plant is usable!" states Karen, who is a wild food nutritionist and educator, and a certified Master Naturalist.

 The afternoon outdoor session will offer tours in a private woodlot northeast of Stirling. Participants can walk with David Smallwood learning about tree ID and interesting forest facts and then explore with Karen Stephenson identifying plants that could be foraged as food or medicine on your own property. 

 This event is on Saturday, June 2 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. A catered lunch will be served, including a vegetarian option. The cost for OWA members is $15.00, and for non-members is $30.00. The location is the CN Grand Truck Railway Station Hall (Rotary Hall), 122 North Street in Stirling.


Please RSVP to Marianne at 613-922-2453 or at quintewoodlotassociationatgmail.com

Also visit Ontario Woodlot Association  or follow us on Facebook or Instagram (Quinte Woodlot Association).

122 North Street, CN Grand Trunk Railway Station
Stirling , ON K0K 3E0
June 2, 2018 - 09:30 to 15:30
44° 17' 57.0516" N, 77° 32' 58.0596" W