March 21, 2020

Cancelled O'Hara Mill Homestead 1800 Maple

Step back in time

Come out to O'Hara's MillHomestead and Conservation Area and enjoy finding out about traditonal ways of making maple syrup by boiling in an open pan in the woods.

In days gone by, smoke and steam rising from the sugar shack meant one thing, Spring was coming! The production of Maple Syrup was common on many homesteads in the 1800s, and this was certainly the case for the O’Hara Family. The construction of our Sugar Shack was inspired by a photo from the O’Hara archives, and the stone arch remains of the original 19th century maple syrup operation. These remains are still visible on the O’Hara grounds, and can be located just off of the Lois Wishart Way trail.

These pieces of history, allowed volunteers to build a sugar shack that recreates the exact process the O’Hara’s used over 200 years ago. 


638 Mill Road, O'Hara Mill Homestead
Madoc , ON K0K 3K0
March 21, 2020 - 10:00 to 17:00
44° 31' 8.148" N, 77° 31' 33.258" W