Central Ontario Draft Horse Workshop

People come from all over the province to the Central Ontario Draft Horse Workshop this year at Harder's Heritage farm at 1119 Tuftsville Road, Stirling-Rawdon. Jackie and Owen Harder of Harder's Heritage are organizing the workshop and hiring local teamsters and instructing participants on the art of working with draft horses. The Harders also sell Pioneer Equipment and Yoder shoeing stocks.

The draft horse workshop take place from July 19-23, 2010. There will be five teams, five teamsters, and 40 hours of hands-on driving. "We will drive draft horses, eight hours per day for five days," said Jackie Harder. Learn about wagons, farming implements and try some logging. Breakfast and lunch are provided on site. Share stories, laughs and good fun. It is a great vacation in the Quinte area.

Some barn tours are set up for the group as well. Learn the art of driving draft horses, single teams, three and four-horse hitches.

It is a one of a kind experience only offered in Stirling, Ontario. For more information please call Jackie and Owen Harder at 613 395-1855.