Community Trees 2010 Give Away

This year the municipalities and the Hasting Stewardship Council are partnering with Harvest Hastings members to give out the "Community Tree" trees on May 1 in the rural areas, and on May 8 at the Belleville Market Square.

Trees will be available at the following locations from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 1. It is great opportunity to visit our local garden centres, tree nurseries and farms.

Murphy Farms (62 Murphy Rd, Tweed); Grills Orchard (866 Grills Rd) ; Foley Family Farm (1344 Minto Rd); Marlbank General Store; Marmora Park (Hwy #7); Tweed Pavilion (Kiwanis); Village Green (Foxboro); Madoc Farmers Market; Richters Greenhouse (8786 HWY #62); Tregunna Tree Farm (921 French Settlement Rd); Downtown Queensborough (1804 Quensborough Rd); The Plant Place (35 Pigden Rd, Madoc); Stirling Covered Bridge; Chisholms of Roslin; Prosperity Acres (2666 Harmony Rd); Stonepath Greenhouse, (1142 Quin Mo Lac Road); Madoc Art Centre Roslin General Store

The Community Tree project is supported by Hastings Stewardship Council and the Municipalities of Tweed, Centre Hastings, Stirling - Rawdon, Marmora and Lake and the City of Belleville.

Please make sure that trees are planted well away from overhead and underground utilities as well as septic systems. Remember that mature native species may develop crowns over 15 meters wide. Do not plant to close to residential dwellings and allow about 10-20 metres for spacing between trees.

The Hastings Stewardship Council is committed to sustainable forest management throughout Hastings County and already has established programs for tree planting and woodlot management. As a component of our regular activities we want to foster the care and establishment of urban forests in our villages, hamlets and cities. Our aim is to encourage regular planting of stock each year on private or municipal land in appropriate locations, planting the right tree in the right place. We want to encourage planting a diversity of species as this reduce the risk of insect and disease on individual species. We focus on native species that are well suited to the local sites. Species selection should include trees such as sugar maple and oak which have longer life expectancies. It is important to promote early and regular pruning particularly in the early years to create better form and stem structure.

Hastings Stewardship Council encourage property owners to actively plant and care for trees on their own properties as up to 90% of land is privately owned. Remember bigger is better as large trees have a much larger leaf surface area than small trees.

Hand planting tree seedling

Remove the sod layer and clean around the spot where you want to plant your tree. Dig a hole that is large enough to allow all of the roots to be fully extended. If the soil is dry, then add water at time of planting. Place the seedling in the hole, making sure all roots are in the hole and pull the soil gently in to cover all roots. Make sure that the tree root collar is at soil level. Do not plant too deeply. Compact the soil firmly around the tree with your foot or hands to ensure that all roots are in complete contact with the soil and without air pockets. Do not rush to plant your seedlings; a little care will go a long way to ensuring good survival.

Caring for your seedlings

Mulch is recommended to help keep moisture in the ground and to control competing vegetation. Bark, wood chips or mulch mats all work well. Watering should be done weekly in the absence of rain. Provide a full soaking rather than surface watering. Monitor the seedlings regularly for insects or damage.

For more information please contact Hastings Stewardship Council coordinator Jim Pedersen 126 Old Troy Rd. Tweed, Ontario, K0K 3J0 Phone:(613) 478-6875 Fax: (613) 478-1389 Email: