Enright Cattle Company

326 Hunt Rd.
Tweed , ON K0K 3JO
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Darold Enright & Kara Langevin
kara [at] enrightcattlecompany.com

The Enright Cattle Company is owned and operated by Darold and Kara Enright and their son Corben and daughter Evelyn. They raise pure bred black and red Simmental cattle just south of Tweed, Ontario. Their philosophy is to raise the best quality beef possible while maintaining exceptional animal welfare practices, making environmentally conscious decisions and building a sustainable business in agriculture. Enright’s animals are raised on a natural, all-vegetable diet without the use of artificial hormones.  You can try their beef at many restaurants. 

Enright Cattle Company leather is of the highest grade, tanned right here in Ontario. Each piece is carefully designed by Canadian artisan James M. Brooks so as to minimize the number of stitched panels and limit the use of hardware. Our products are bench-made in very limited production runs.






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