Barefoot Living

Our biggest enjoyment in this adventure is by making fresh produce more readily available to community members, and affordable.

We are a happily-small homestead. In the Spring we sell vegetable seedlings to encourage members in the community to take part in learning how to grow their own produce, and hey, if that doesn’t work out – then we sell produce for the rest of the season! This year we look forward to broadening our selection of specialty pumpkins at the end of the season. We prefer community members to order their produce ahead of time, so we can ensure its picked fresh at the most optimal part of the day. If not, stay tuned on updates on our instagram page for where we will be popping up this summer. Located in Stirling, Ontario at the Old Sills Farm.

The farmgate stand is open Wednesday to Sunday, please reach out to [email protected] us if you are planning on picking up produce at the farm and we can take your order.

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