We deliver meat, eggs and vegetables in the new Farmer’s Selection Box

The Farmer’s Selection Box of hand picked beef, eggs and vegetables by Enright Cattle Company, Drain Poultry Farm, Patchwork Gardens and Kendall Hills Farm. The box contains 5 lbs of carrots, 3 lbs of onions, 3 lbs of red beets, 2 bags of pea shoots or 2 bags micro greens (144 g total), 1 dozen large white eggs, 1 package of dehydrated mushrooms, 6 lbs of ground beef, 1 lbs of stew, 2.5 lbs roast, 2 prime cut steaks and 2 marinating steaks.

We take great care with our land and our animals, ensuring they grow and thrive. And we take great pride in the results – exceptionally good food we can share with others. Sustainability comes first for us. Our crops feed our animals, our animals feed us, their manure feeds the fields, and so we carry on. We work hard to make the most of our land and to keep it productive for future farmers. Everything we do makes for better beef. From the quality of life, we give our animals, to dry aging for supreme tenderness. You won’t find any artificial hormones in our beef, just the incredible texture and flavour that can only come from happy, healthy cows. Experience the difference for yourself. We treat the land and our cattle with respect, ensuring nothing goes to waste.  We use as much of our animals as possible. While beef is our main business, we sell bones for soup, make soap from fat, our offal goes into gourmet dog food and treats and we craft gorgeous leather goods from our hides.

Enright leather goods are proudly crafted from our own hides. Unique leather and dedicated craftsmanship: that’s what it takes to make each Enright bag special, a statement just for you.
And for us, creating this wonderful product is all part of keeping things local and real. From the tanning to the hand craftsmanship, it is all completed here in Canada! All Enright leather is Farm to Fashion, which means we know the history of every finished piece. From our family to your hands, the story carries on. Our natural soaps are made from the tallow  and are  scented with Rosemary Mint, Lemongrass or Lavender.


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