Janice Tiessen and Rick Hemmings run FleetBreeze Kennels and Fleetbreeze Heritage Red Wattle Pigs. Janice Tiessen has been breeding German Shepherds for 40 years. They also sell fresh farm eggs. Janice Tiessen and Rick Hemming breed Red wattle pigs. “Our Red Wattle pigs were imported from the States they are one of the truly last heritage breeds which have not been changed by humans. They are a slower growing pig and the meat is much more in the texture of beef. Darker in colour than most pork you will find. The fat which it is known  for melts into the meat and gives it a moist flavour that is highly sought after by chefs in the United States. We raise the pigs in pasture where they are fed grains and grass and hay in the winter. A very strong breed which stay outside 24-7 with huts to keep them warm in the winter and shade in the summer. Visitors always welcome. We sell the meat here or it is also sold in Peterborough at Primal Cuts. Also for sale are pigs ready to slaughter or barrows for anyone interested in raising their own specialty pork.”


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