Dale, Fay and Mark Grant of Gran-Jou Farms breed Black Angus beef cattle. They have a number of bred heifers and young Angus cows for sele. The were bred to the bull below. The Bull Test station results are available. “They are bred, born and raised on our farm, from free-range contented cows,” said Dale. “The cows are kept on 100 per cent forage ration except for salt and minerals.” The Grants select the sires (bulls) for AAA grading, marbling of the meat and high yields “Our young cattle have no implants and are fed hay and grain to finish,” said Dale. T

They used to breed Maine Anjou and Red Angus cattle but switched to Black Angus because they are more compact and produce high-quality beef. The Grants produce quality beef, which meets the standards required by the top restaurants. The Grants use crop rotation and manure and don’t use sprays unless they have to. They work the ground using no-till methods. Dale and Mark also do custom work for neighbouring farmers. Dale, Fay and Mark are very conscious about saving energy. You can order sides or quarters of beef and get them cut to your own specifications.

Dale sells synthetic oil, which does not need to be changed so often as regular oil. Dale Grant is also selling AMSOIL product line which includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products. Find out more about how they rear their beef animals  ~ “Cows are built to eat hay.”

[Photo credit: Faith Grant]

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