Kirkland’s Heritage Farm caters to the growing public awareness that we are what we eat. We know you will enjoy the taste of our fresh produce along with the comforting knowledge it’s good for you. Livestock on our farm are raised in as natural a setting as possible. They free range and graze in fields that have not been sprayed with any kind of chemical. The diet of our poultry is supplemented with certified organic grain. We specialize in heritage livestock that are just right for the family farm and life outdoors. The poultry we breed are active foragers and thrive in a free range environment.

The Blue Slate turkey is named after its colouration with the plumage of both sexes being an ashy-blue which may or may not be dotted or flecked with black. This particular breed was very popular in exhibition circles in London, England. Gourmet Table Meat. Heritage turkeys take longer to mature than the commercial varieties thus giving more flavour and texture to the meat. They are active foragers and thrive in a free range environment. Since we raise and maintain our own breeding stock (unlike commercial varieties that can only be purchased as day old) our heritage birds are truly an organic (non-certified) product.

The Bourbon Red Turkey is an attractive bird with dark red plumage and white tail feathers. It was an important commercial variety through the 1930’s and 1940’s as they present an attractive carcass when dressed, with their white pin feathers leaving no residue of dark pigment. They are very friendly and easy to handle. The hens are good mothers and like to hatch and raise their own young.

Gourmet Table Meat – Heritage turkeys take longer to mature than the commercial varieties thus giving more flavour and texture to the meat. They are active foragers and thrive in a free range environment. Pasture production is a very humane way to raise these birds and one that definitely improves on taste. Fresh whole turkey is available several times per year but needs to be ordered well in advance.

The Broad Breasted Bronze is a double breasted turkey which will supply your family with plenty of white meat.  The turkeys in the picture below were the end result of last years hatch.  A diet free of antibiotics and chemicals, fresh air, sunshine and plenty of room to move make these turkeys a great tasting bird for the holiday table.  They are available fresh for Thanksgiving and from the freezer at Christmas.   All of our meat is professionally processed with a government inspection. Call to check availability.

Our ever expanding flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep has all the qualities needed for a grass fed operation as do the White Galloways.

Fresh eggs from heritage chickens on green pasture. During the day our hens forage through the leaves and on the grass. In the evening this diet is supplemented with certified organic grain. No chemical wash is used to clean our eggs. All of this makes a great tasting healthy egg. Our chicken coops have light and heat so we will have a good supply of eggs through-out the winter.
We currently have grass fed beef in our freezer.  We have a good supply of ground meat and thin cut grilling steaks along with a small supply of pot roast.

By March the lambing season is over.  Soon after the cute little lambs will be outside running, jumping and learning their place within the flock.  Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are extremely hardy and originated in the high mountain valleys of South Wales.  They are a dual purpose breed that provides excellent mild mutton, great tasting lamb and a completely black, dense durable fleece which doesn’t gray with age but remains black to dark, brownish black. They are easy to handle with few health issues. We can provide you with meat for your table, fiber for spinning or washable wool pelts. Interested in starting you own flock? Give us a call. All are registered.  We can assist you in many ways.  Ewes exposed to a ram may be available for sale in November along with the year’s best ram.

Galloway cattle originated in the rugged hill country of southwestern Scotland and are related to the Aberdeen Angus. They are extremely hardy with a double hair coat that allows them to thrive year round in the harshest of climates. Their ability to digest the less desirable species of flora helps them to mature in less than ideal pastures. They impart outstanding vigor to cross bred offspring with their genetic consistency.  The meat is lean yet well marbled and they are well suited to speciality niches such as grass fed and organic beef.

This year we are going to have an increased range of seasonal vegetables available at the farm gate. At Kirkland’s Heritage Farm our customers have the opportunity to tour our farm, ask questions and know exactly how your food is being produced. Just minutes from the junction of Hwy 62 and Hwy 7 we are easy to find. So give John or Mary Lee a call and join the growing trend of buying directly from the farm.

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