Dan Murphy from Murphy Lumber Ltd. is the fourth generation of the Murphy family to be involved in the lumber business in Hastings County. He knows his wood. Murphy Lumber has been at its current location on Highway 62, just north of Madoc, since 2000 and employs three full-time workers.  This busy sawmill company carries a large selection of kiln dried hardwoods and softwoods. Most of their wood comes from locally harvested trees.  They supply rough and dressed lumber. They sell a lot of lumber to local cabinet and furniture makers, lumber  to local contractors who build post and beam homes as well as and complete log homes.

They carry hardwood maple, soft maple, ash, white and yellow birch, poplar, beech, red and white oak, cherry, butternut, walnut, white and red pine, spruce and hemlock.  All lumber comes in various dimensions and can be custom cut.  If they have a specialty item it would be their dressed white pine and a beautiful pine siding cut to look to like logs. Murphy Lumber utilizes the complete log and sell off the slab, mulch, bark and sawdust to local users. They also have limited supply of specialty lumber such as curly, birds eye and cherry maple. They do custom cutting and will purchase saw logs and standing lumber. They are set up for retail and sell plenty of their quality lumber right out of their yard. You can also check out their website.


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