Within hours of moving onto this farm in November 2018, we prepared beds and began planting our first 200lbs of organic music garlic seed in freshly tilled and organically fertilized soil. Now for two people who have not grown much more than the backyard tomato, sunflower and herb, we anxiously waited through the winter and spring and low and behold; we grew garlic. Being on the highway our main customer base pulls right in off the road and word travels fast when you live in a lively community. By the time we were fully harvested, garlic hanging in the barn curing we knew we successfully grew a quality product. The concept for Our Neighbours Farm came from the idea that it is ultimately about them, our neighbours, whom it is our intention to feed in the future.

At this time our farm is not certified organic but we do not use any inorganic products on the farm and ultimately we see ourselves heading towards regenerative, no-till, farming. The free range flock are our best tillers and they lay pretty good eggs too! We appreciate that there is a lot to learn and we know we will make mistakes but with the support of our community, we can and will do well here. In 2019, we planted fewer pounds of garlic but that’s because our goals for this year have changed. Our focus for this season is quality over quantity and increasing our variety of seed to develop for future growing years.

Our Neighbours Farm is meant to be a place for the local community above all, this is why we are working towards a CSA program in 2020. Check back for information!

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