Our Neighbours’ Farm & Homestead in Thomasburg, Ontario, is rooted in garlic cultivation, fostering a diverse community that has evolved into a collaborative and thriving environment.

We invite you to experience our vision through products carefully curated from homemade and homegrown items by us and our neighbors.

The first seeds were rooted in 2018 on the farm in Thomasburg, Ontario. Our gardens continue to produce high-quality healthy garlic that Samantha is proud to share with neighbours, friends and family. You can almost always find her somewhere on the homestead between the barn, fields, and greenhouse. Our Neighbours’ Farm is owned and operated by Samantha Harris. Samantha is a member of Harvest Hastings (since 2020). In 2023, we turned a shed into a shop featuring some coveted items from local makers and growers. The Sunday Shed shelves are stocked with products from 25 neighbours! See how it all came together on HGTV Canada’s new show Bryan’s All In, episode 2.

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