Virginia deCarle- Forestry Technician


Virginia currently works as a Certified Tree Marker. She graduated from the Forestry Technician Program at Algonquin College in 2009.  Immediately following the F.T.P she was hired to work on two separate contracts in Algonquin Provincial Park.  The first contract involved carrying out Young of the Year Brook Trout surveys on eight lakes in Algonquin Park.  She also surveyed tree planting sites for Free to Grow White Pine.  During this time she moved to the Maynooth area and found work closer to home working with Tender Foot Forestry.  Here she had the opportunity to do some timber cruising and tree marking. She has now been working for Cindy’s Tree Marking for the past four years; a company that is hired by the Bancroft Minden Forest Company to mark trees on crown land.
The Algonquin Forestry Technician Program exposes students to many aspects of the forestry industry and silviculture. From ecology to chainsaw safety, harvesting to fire management, students graduate from the program well versed in all aspects of the forestry profession.
Virginia has a real love of the forest as well, which is why she chose this profession. She understands the healing power of trees and forest plants, appreciates their beauty, and is constantly amazed by how being out in the bush sharpens the senses. She understands the importance of trees and how the forest industry has dramatically changed over the years to become much more sustainable, something she is very proud of. She understands the importance of following good management techniques, such as marking veteran and wildlife trees.
Virginia is also a co-founder of Bancroft Forestry Day which is greatly supported by Bancroft Area Forest Industry Association (B.A.F.I.A). She is currently working on a program called “Nature Connects Program”. This program will give children in the school system an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about many aspects of the forest regarding sustainability and the importance in connecting with nature.

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