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Hastings Stewardship Council

Hastings Stewardship Council’s aim is to achieve and maintain, through voluntary efforts, a healthy, sustainable environment that will contribute to the natural and rural character of Hastings County.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario

The marketing group for the largest sector of Ontario agriculture, proudly owned and operated by Ontario’s Dairy Farmers.

Ontario Farm Fresh

Ontario Farm Fresh provides knowledge and leadership to grow the farm fresh experience. Farms are fun. Get out in the fresh air and pick some strawberries or apples. Taste sweet corn that is only hours from the stalk. Visit an apple orchard. Enjoy a wagon ride or try solving the puzzle of a corn maze.


Ivanhoe philosopher Vernon Molloy argues that an alternative to endless growth is necessary to avoid collapse. He puts forward constructive proposals such as the 100 mile economy providing 25 per cent of our everyday needs.

The Heritage Tree Foundation of Canada

Trees are a distinct part of habitat biodiversity. They sustain vibrant ecosystems that support wildlife populations and contribute significantly to bird, animal, plant, and insect diversity.

Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada (DC) is the nation-wide voice of dietitians – the most trusted source of information on food and nutrition for Canadians. DC brings the knowledge and skills of its members together to inform decisions that affect food, nutrition and health, with impact at the local, regional/provincial, national and international levels.

Peak of the Market

Peak of the Market is a grower-owned “not for profit” vegetable supplier and operates in Manitoba under the Farm Products Marketing Act. Peak of the Market has grown quality produce in Manitoba for 67 years and supplies over 120 different varieties of Manitoba grown vegetables. We are year round suppliers of various vegetables as Manitoba growers have one of the most technologically advanced storage programs anywhere in North America.

Organic Council of Ontario

The Organic Council / Le Conseil Biologique de l’Ontario is a membership-based non-profit association representing the organic sector in Ontario at a provincial and national level. The Organic Council of Ontario represents all groups (including producers, processors, marketers, retailers, restaurants, suppliers, distributors, certifiers and others), providing leadership and supporting the continued growth of the Ontario organic sector.

Earth Walk – Eco Education Center

Dedicated to Creating a Sustainable Future: Earthwalk Eco Education Center offers sustainable educational experiences throughout Eastern Ontario and beyond.

AgScape (Ontario Agri-Food Education)

Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc. (OAFE) is a registered charity incorporated under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. OAFE was created in 1991 with the mission of building awareness and understanding of the importance of an agriculture and food system.

The Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute envisions a world in which our immediate and future needs are met in a manner that protects the earth’s living systems; ensures clean air, land and water; prevents dangerous climate change, and provides for a safe and just global community. Its Mission is to advance sustainable energy solutions through innovative research, education, consulting and advocacy.

Central Ontario Cheesemakers Association

The Central Ontario Cheesemakers Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization on August 29, 1928. The Association was founded to provide an opportunity for Cheesemakers to share knowledge and techniques, in a foundling Canadian industry. The Association established the British Empire Cheese Competition, which gave Cheesemakers the opportunity to compete with others around the British Empire and win bragging rights.

Renewable Fibre Technology

Stemergy renewable bio-fibre was formed in 1994 (under the name Hempline Inc.) and in that same year became the first company in North America since the 1940’s to grow industrial hemp bio-fibre for research.

Batawa Development Corporation

Founded in 2005 by Chairman Sonja Bata, O.C., the Batawa Development Corporation (BDC) holds over 1,500 acres of land in and around the beautiful community of Batawa. The general manager oversees community development activites and welcomes development inquiries. Residential, commercial and light industrial development opportunities as well as live/work opportunities form a part of the master town plan now in development. The mission of the BDC is to strategically develop some of the Batawa Development Corporation’s land for the benefit of all of Quinte West using a patient and long term community partnership approach and sustainable development practices. By joining hands, our community has the unprecedented opportunity to design and build an exceptional rural community that is unique in Canada. The Batawa Development Corporation builds upon the rich history and strong community spirit of Batawa to achieve excellence in town planning and community development.

Ontario Soil and Crop Association

Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association: To communicate and facilitate responsible, economic management of soil, water, air and crops. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), now in its third edition, continues to be popular with the Ontario agricultural community. The new Grow your Farm Profits helps farmers plan their businesses.

Ecological Farmers of Ontario

The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario was established in 1979 with the purpose: To develop and provide programs promoting the practice and advancement of ecological agriculture which maintains and enhances the health of the soil, water, crops, livestock and the diversity of the environment. To educate and increase the public’s understanding of ecological agricultural methods like soil tillage, green manures, cover crops, composting, crop rotations, soil erosion control, and conservation practices by offering courses, seminars, conferences, farm tours, meetings, and publishing a newsletter and by collecting, researching, and disseminating information on this topic to the general public. To bring together people who are concerned about ecological agriculture so they can share experiences, support each other and create community. Activities: Conferences, Courses and workshops on ecological farming methods Farm tours, Newsletters, Farm consulting, Seed and stock exchange, Information source for Community Shared Agriculture and Good Fellowship.

Community Development Council of Quinte: Good Food Box Program

The flagship programs of the Community Development Council of Quinte are found in the Good Food Box programs. More information can be obtained by contacting our offices. There is the Good Food Box, the Good Singes Box, the Good Baby Box, a Community Garden and plans for Community Kitchens, and a Good Back Pack. For information about meals for students at school check with Food for Learning.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Food safety is the CFIA’s top priority. The CFIA, along with many federal, provincial and municipal organizations, is working to improve the overall health of Canadians. The CFIA develops and delivers programs and services designed to protect Canadians from preventable food safety hazards, to ensure that food safety emergencies are effectively managed, and that the public is aware of, and contributes to food safety.

Farm Start

The Farm Start mission is to facilitate, support and encourage a new generation of farmers to develop economically viable, locally based, and ecological agricultural enterprises. FarmStart is a not-for-profit organization working toward increasing the presence of young and new farmers, operating their own farm enterprises, within the agriculture community. By combining the facilitation of unique programs and resources, building partnerships and networks, supporting community capacity and linking farmers with existing programs and resources administered by other organizations, our goals are to: Support a new generation of farmers; Promote sustainable business models; Coordinate and communicate innovative, new and local market research; Develop farm facilities, resources and linkages important to new and young farmers; Develop effective land tenure and stewardship arrangements.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is a farmer-lead dynamic provincial lobby which works to represent the interests of its farm members to government. As the largest, voluntary general farm organization in the country, OFA has more than 38,000 members, as well as 32 organizational members and affiliates representing most agricultural commodity groups. Today the OFA continues to work hard to ensure that all levels of government hear Ontario farmers’ concerns. With 52 County and regional federations providing strong, local leadership, and 32 organizational members and affiliates the OFA is leading the way into the new millennium.

Canadian Biodiversity Information Network (CBIN)

The Canadian Biodiversity Information Network was developed in 1996 to deliver information on the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy and to serve as Canada’s national node to the global Clearing House Mechanism (CHM). The goal of CBIN is to increase public awareness about biodiversity and national level implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and to enhance information-sharing with partners and international Parties to the CBD. CBIN contains biodiversity-related information on a wide range of topics, including: Canadian activities to implement the CBD and the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy; Upcoming national and international meetings and events; What can you do to protect biodiversity Reference material; The Canadian Indigenous Biodiversity Information Network; Biodiversity News; Links to relevant organizations.

Food for Learning Foundation

Food for Learning is a project of the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board Learning Foundation. It is a School Nutrition Program aimed at providing nutritious food for students.

Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance

The Eastern Ontario Trails Alliances aims to develop, manage, maintain and market a comprehensive network of year round shared use recreational trails in the area, recognizing that there are other future uses for corridors ie utility. EOTA will partner whenever possible.

Heirloom Seed Sanctuary

The Sisters of Providence in Kingston have an heirloom seed sanctuary. An heirloom seed is seed treasured by people who love the names, history, flavour, fragrance and feel of what plants share with them. Saved seeds often become best friends, part of the family. The purpose is to preserve open-pollinated seed so that it may be saved; and to grow, harvest, sort and store seed as organically as possible at Heathfield.

Low impact woodland home

This low impact house was built for a family in Wales out of wood and straw bales, It by two men with help from passers by and visiting friends. Four months after starting the family moved in and was cosy. They estimate 1000-1500 man hours and £3000 put in to this point. Not really so much in house buying terms (roughly £60/sq m excluding labour).

Sustainable Northwest

Sustainable Northwest helps people and communities restore and maintain ecological health, balance diverse interests, and promote economic opportunities. We’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Through collaboration, we bridge rural and urban interests, encourage entrepreneurship, and build trust in sustainable natural resource management and utilization in the western U.S.

National Farmers Union

NFU members believe that the problems facing farmers are common problems, and that farmers producing diverse products must work together to advance effective solutions. The NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit in Canada.

Canadian Wind Energy Association

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy in Canada, including the creation of a suitable policy environment.

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit

The Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit serves the County of Prince Edward, Hastings County, Quinte West, and Belleville, Ontario from offices in Trenton, Picton, Madoc, Bancroft and Belleville. The Health Unit provides dozens of programs and services, along with reliable health information to a population of approximately 150,000 people in our 7,000 square km catchment area. Its mission is to enable the people in Hastings and Prince Edward counties to achieve and maintain optimal health through health protection and promotion, as well as disease and injury prevention.

Canadian Organic Growers

Canadian Organic Growers Inc. is Canada’s national membership-based education and networking organization representing organic farmers, gardeners, consumers and supporters in all provinces and territories. You do not need to be an organic farmer or an organic gardener to be a COG member.

Beef Farmers of Ontario

Beef Farmers of Ontario formerly, The Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, is a grassroots organization that provides leadership to cattlemen from all sectors of the industry. The organization promotes Ontario beef cattle production through policy planning, government lobbying, industry development programs, research, and communications along with the promotion and advertisement of beef. Beef Farmers of Ontario provides services to cattlemen in domestic and export market development and market pricing co-ordination and reporting

Appalachian Sustainable Development

Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD) is a not-for-profit organization working in the Appalachian region of Virginia and Tennessee. Formed in 1995, ASD focuses on developing healthy, diverse and ecologically sound economic opportunities through education and training, and the development of cooperative networks and marketing systems. Our work encompasses two broad areas: Building a strong local food system based on organic and sustainable farming and fostering forest conservation through value-added wood processing and “green building.” ASD links consumers with farmers and producers and provides hands-on opportunities for learning, advocacy and civic engagement. We envision a future in which the natural quality and great diversity of our forests, land and waterways are protected through an economic life greatly diversified and locally controlled. We envision an economic life that respects the connectedness of the human and natural communities and a system in which economic decision-making is more inclusive, democratic and effective. We envision more meaningful work opportunities created through a fuller, sustainable use of our productive resources. And, we envision a renewed commitment to act responsibly towards people, community, cultures and the earth.

Hastings County

Hastings County is the second largest county in Ontario. As well, it is the second longest stretching almost one hundred and sixty kilometres from north to south. This vast area encompasses a variety of terrains which have impacted settlement patterns. The northern two-thirds of the county is covered by the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield. As a result, the settlement is sparsely settled. The southern third portion is located in part of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Lowlands. This is the site of most towns and farming developments. An escarpment passing through Hungerford, Huntingdon, Rawdon, and Marmora townships marks the southern limit of the Canadian Shield.

Foodland Ontario

Look for Foodland Ontario and the Foodland Ontario symbol when you’re shopping. It’s an easy way for you to identify Ontario foods in grocery stores and farmers’ markets, and a great way to ensure that you pick Ontario freshness. There is lots of information about what is grown in Ontario, how it is grown, its nutritional value and advice and recipes. You can find information about availability of Ontario produce.

Bancroft Area Stewardship Council

The boundaries of the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council encompass the north half of Hastings County, a northern section of Peterborough County, and Nippising District. Located in the rugged and rolling highlands of Canadian Shield country, this region boarders on Algonquin Park to the north, Renfrew and Lennox & Addington Counties to the East, Haliburton County to the west, and Peterborough County to the south. The Town of Bancroft is the largest population center, with smaller villages outstretching north to Whitney, east to McArthurs Mills, south to Millbridge, and west to Apsley.

City of Quinte West

The City of Quinte West is situated on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Quinte serving as the gateway to the world famous Trent Severn Waterway. Quinte West, formed through the amalgamation of the former municipalities of Trenton, Sidney, Murray and Frankford, offers its residents and visitors a unique and dynamic mix of rural and urban lifestyles. The exquisite natural features of our City are complemented by a strong, vibrant and diverse economic base while also serving as home to Canada’s largest military base, 8 Wing Trenton. Find out about Local Food in Quinte West.

Hastings County Farm Show and Plowing Match

The Hastings County Farm Show and Plowing Match is the biggest county agricultural show in Ontario and is a great opportunity for farming community to get together and the show case the diversity of agriculture in Hastings County. You are invited to come and see what more than 250 exhibitors have to offer with their latest in agricultural equipment and services, as well as the plowing competitions, the antique display, the woodlot display and all the other great activities that the show is well known for.

Lower Trent Conservation

Lower Trent Conservation’s resource management program is based on several watersheds, which encompass 2,121 square kilometres. The jurisdiction of Lower Trent Conservation includes the Lower Trent watershed region and a number of smaller watersheds draining into Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte.

Quinte Conservation

Quinte Conservation, one of Ontario’s 36 conservation authorities, is a community based environmental protection agency. Located in eastern Ontario, Quinte Conservation provides cost-effective environmental expertise and leadership that develops and delivers programs to ensure the healthy coexistence between the community, its environment and its economy.

Nature Stuff

Nature Stuff tours and things – a fascinating website run by local naturalist and teacher Terry Sprague.

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

Working Together to Restore Water Quality The Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan emphasizes an ecosystem approach to restoring and protecting the Bay. This approach recognizes the complex interrelationships between water, land, air, and all living things – including people, and seeks cost-effective actions to restore, protect and sustain water quality. The Bay of Quinte is one of the most picturesque bodies of water in Lake Ontario. Its shoreline stretches in a Z-shape from Trenton to Bath for almost 100 kilometers. The Bay’s watershed is the largest in Southern Ontario, over 18,000 square kilometers, and includes lands drained by the Trent, Moira, and Napanee rivers and a host of smaller tributaries. The Problems In 1986, the International Joint Commission (a Canadian-American Great Lakes watchdog) identified the Bay of Quinte as one of 43 Great Lakes “Areas of Concern”…a pollution hot-spot. Poor stewardship of the land as well as industrial, agricultural, municipal and household practices resulted in the past pollution problems including a loss of the diversity of plant and animal life, their habitats (especially wetlands) and an increasing risk to human health. A mix of toxic contaminants, bacterial and nutrient overloads in the Bay led to great imbalances in the aquatic ecosystem.

Baptiste Lake Association

The Baptiste Lake Association, a voluntary group of members, is committed to representing the interests of the residents of the Baptiste Lake area. The Association will work closely with these residents as well as all levels of government to conserve and enhance the environment of the lake and its surrounding area. The initial association was founded in 1949. The Mission is to be achieved through the observance of the following goals and objectives: To monitor water levels and quality on an ongoing basis. To monitor development around the lake and to act on changes in land use that adversely affect the lake. To promote water and boating safety. To inform lake residents about official plans, by-laws and building codes affecting their property. To inform lake residents about government action which affects them. To educate lake residents and others about the environmental impact of their actions. To maintain membership in FOCA, BACA and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of conservation. To promote a sense of community among the lake residents through the support of social events. To promote fire safety and prevention. To promote, maintain and support links with the surrounding community.

Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust

The Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust (HPELT) is a group of people who is committed to protecting the natural and cultural heritage features of our region. The mission is “to facilitate the protection, in perpetuity, of the important natural and cultural heritage features of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.” Peter Webster has been hired to improve communications and to help with fund raising. HPELT congratulate Baptiste Lake Association in North Hastings for undertaking a lake stewardship plan to provide long term protection of this beautiful part of Hastings County’s natural heritage. The HPELT hope this success will be repeated on our other lakes where cottages have demonstrated their interest in and commitment to stewardship of water quality and wildlife habitat. Tweed and Area Arts Council has acquired Actinolite United Church for a local centre for the arts.. The church is a landmark building in Actinolite, constructed in 1860s from locally quarried stone. It is encouraging to see such a beautiful example of our local architecture an cultural heritage reborn for a new community use.

Invest in cheese

If you have an interest in any aspect of the artisan cheese sector – from supplying milk, equipment, facilities or training to financing, making, marketing or retailing artisan cheese, call us. We can help. In addition to the information on this website, we can put you in touch with people in and outside our region who can help you develop – and implement – your plan for living your artisan cheese dream. To do so, we will draw upon our extensive database of people and organizations who want to be of Ontario’s artisan cheese region!

Food Net Ontario

FoodNet Ontario is a province-wide network of organizations and individuals working together to create sustainable local food systems and achieve (community) food security in communities across Ontario.

Family Nature Network

The Family Nature Network is a group of people interested in connecting children with nature. The purpose of the group is to provide inspiriation, information and resources to encourage families to go outside together.

Ontario Farmland Trust

The Ontario Farmland Trust is a non-government, non-profit, charitable organization that has been established to work with farmers, rural communities and other interested parties to promote the protection of farmland in the province of Ontario

Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario

The CFFO is an organization with the dual purpose of:enabling farmers to work out their Christian faith in their vocation as citizens, and to develop policy applications of the Christian faith to agriculture. The CFFO’s main service or “products” are: Public Policy Development and Education/Communication.


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