A bountiful abundance of fruit

July is a beautiful month in Hastings County as it is the soft fruit season. Som farms have the strawberry varieites that go on fruiting, but many have finished. Raspberries are now ripe.  Check with Wooler Dale Farm, Bramble Berry Farm, and Willow Creek Farms in Quinte West .Then, the berries ripen further north at Pallister Downs at Foxboro, Marsh Hill Farm in Stirling, Carl’s Country Corner at Corbyville, Sparrow Valley in Roslin, Hill View farm at Moira, Eco Farms at Springbrook and finally north to Ellenburger Organic Farm at Coe Hill. Some producers grow varieties of straweberries that fruit through to the fall. Raspberries, currants, gooseberries, haskap, Saskatoon berries, and cherries come next.
Apples and pear season start later in August and runs through September and October. Visit Grills Orchards, Hill Top Orchard, and Russet Orchards for fresh-picked apples and pears. Find out more go to the Harvest Hastings Shop and click of Fruit and Nuts icon on the left. You will see the map with red and green arrows. The red arrows are the producers, and the green arrows are stores or farmers’ markets. Below the map are pictures of the different fruits grown by different producers. Some producers pick the fruit for you, and others let you pick your own. Do please remember to call ahead to check when they are open.  

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