Asparagus is the first to come out in spring. You can get freshly picked asparagus at J & B Asparagus Farm at 1702 Fish and Game Club Road, RR#2, Frankford call (613) 398-8393 ; at Railway Creek Farms, 2908 Cooper Road, Madoc and the Belleville Farmers’ Market; at Black River Farm, 172 Black River Road, Tweed: and at Murray Township Farms call (613) 392-8068. Willow Creek Farms have asparagus at their roadside stalls at Tuckers Corner and at 1442 Frankford Road, and you can call Wooler Dale Farm (613) 398-6421 to find out when you can go to the farm to by asparagus. The season runs to early June.
If you would like recipes using asparagus go to Ontario Asparagus. There is also information about selecting asparagus and basics about how to cook them.


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