City of Belleville initiates a community garden pilot project

Gardening season is here! Do you want to grow your own veggies, but don’t have the yard space? We have it for you. The City of Belleville’s Green Task Force has initiated a Community Garden Pilot Project in Ponton Park, on Dundas Street West.
Community gardens have increased in popularity over the past decade as more people are taking advantage of condominium-style living, and people are also recognizing the need to have the ability to grow their own food in a safe, beautiful outdoor environment.  Community gardens are spaces where neighbours meet to grow and care for vegetables, flowers and native plant species.   Many of our City residents, particularly those in apartment buildings, do not have access to a yard suitable for growing.  Others may have too much shade in their yard and are therefore not suitable for anything to grow.
 The benefits associated with community gardens are plenty:

·         Home grown food supports nutritional health and gardening increases physical activity
·         Gardens can be an escape from noise and commotion or everyday urban life
·         Learning to grow plants is mentally stimulating and teaches individuals to think sustainably
·         Community gardens are a socially valuable tool as neighbours can get to know one another better
·         Positive community development is created as people of all different socio-economic backgrounds take initiative to organize and maintain the garden area.

As of today, Friday June 1, we are accepting applications from any City of Belleville resident wishing to take part in this exciting project.  There are 20 plots available, and a lottery draw will take place for those people wishing to tend a plot for the 2012 gardening season.  The closing date for applications is next Friday, June 8 at 12:00pm.  City of Belleville residents can apply in person at City Hall, by phoning Melanie Morrish at 613-967-3200 x.3219 or by email at
For further rules and guidelines for this pilot project, please check our website or call Melanie Morrish at 613-967-3200 .x3219
Green Program Coordinator
The Corporation of the City of Belleville
169 Front Street
Belleville  ON  K8N 2Y8
(613) 967-3200 x.3219

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